Fr. Silouan Rolando

Pictures of the Rolandos in 2003

This picture was taken by a photographer from the Journal News for article on churches celebrating Christmas on the Julian Calendar (see the article "Same Christ, different calendar" ).  This picture was taken from the choir loft of St. Mary's Carptho-Russian Orthodox Church in Yonkers, NY.

A rare moment in Sloan's seminary life during Lazarus' Saturday.  They actually let him serve.  Musicians are generally forbidden to leave their sacred choir stands.

But he ended his seminary career at his appointed spot: first tenor.

Everybody loves Gregory, including the metropolitan.

Sloan gives the valedictorian address .  Nobody threw money.  Oh well. Picture

Three years of hard work and economic uncertainty gives you this degree.  The grace of God is the source of  any and all successes.

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