Fr. Silouan Rolando

Pictures of the Rolandos in 2001


I can sleep at home during dinner...

and I can even sleep in hotel restaurants in Connecticut.  I have also been known to sleep at Red Lobster.

Behold the seminary feasting during a fasting season (Lazarus Saturday).  Gina's pregnant form is hidden by a plate full of meatless, dairyless delights.  The cleric to the left was a deacon at the time.  Fr. Nicholas Andruchow is now a priest in the Greek Archdiocese.

Behold the great excitement over the new brother!!!

A couple months later, the excitement is undiminished.

Looking good for that three-year-old photo.

Ignore the bear, look at me!

Don't be fooled by my happy looking three-month-old face.  In a few moments I will be photo-impossible.

And there it is!  Gregory refuses not only to smile; he refuses to be civil without a pacifier in mouth.  Only Kira's smile is truly genuine here.  Sloan and Gina are in need of a strong drink.  So we went next door and had Hi-C at McDonalds.

The poise and dignity of children at Christmas.  Thank you, Kira and Hannah, for showing us how delicate you can be.

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