Lucy sleeping on first day

Lucia Colleen Rolando


Lucy sleeping
Introducing the fifth member of our family: Lucia Colleen.  She was born Tuesday, September 2 at 12:50 am.

Lucia weighs in at 5 lb. 13 oz. and is 18" long.  She came two weeks early, but we thank God for her arrival, and we also thank everyone who prayed for us and helped us during Gina's pregnancy and labor, especially Gina's sisters, Michelle and Colleen, brother-in-law, Ed, and mother, Denise.

St. Lucy
She is named for the virgin and martyr, St. Lucy, of Syracuse in Sicily, whose feast is December 13.  The spelling, Lucia, is the Italian rendering and is pronounced "loo-CHEE-ah."  She is also named after Sloan's Great-Aunt Lu.  Her middle name comes from Gina's sister, Colleen.

Lucia with Aunt Colleen.
Col and Lucy

Lucy sleeping
We are enjoying this while it lasts.  Sleep on Miss Lucy.

Kira has decided that she will be keeping this baby.  All those plastic babies in the toy box will be retired for a little while.
Kira and Lucy

Rolando Family
Here's the whole gang.  Lucia, Sloan, Gregory, Gina, and Kira.  The size of pizza orders just got bigger.  

So what is Sloan thinking?  Probably something like, "I hope I get a real job soon.  These things are expensive."
Lucy and Sloan

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