Kira Michelle Rolando

Six to Twelve Months

C’mon, make 
this baby fly!

Please, no sleeping 
on the flight deck!!!

Kira’s nine month picture!
After many hours of watching Star Trek, Kira has perfected the Vulcan Death grip and has effectively dealt with her father.  Now, she is going to do a mind meld to find out when dinner is.
Kira and Meg search the videos for an appropriate movie with which to hit each other, the floor, the TV, passing parents, other videos....
Kira’s summer vacation included lots of fun activities -- including furniture climbing!
O, I love my pretty, little Kira.  O, I love my Kira.
O, ich lieb’ mein’ hübsche, kleine Kira.  O ich lieb’ mein’ Kira.
O, amo mi’ bella, piccola Kira.  O amo mia Kira.

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