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"In the beginning was the Word."


The Prologue of John

By popular demand, I am making my flash cards and parsing diagram for the Prologue of John available here at this site.  The documents are PDF files, which requires Acrobat Reader 3.0 or higher.  

I have only checked the texts for errors a couple times, so let the user beware.  There may be errors.  If you find one, please e-mail me (

This prints as a six page document.  If you have a color print, the original text of John 1 is in red, dictionary form, part of speech, and word translation are in black, and the full sentence translation is in blue.  On black and white printers this will all be black.

There are eight pages.  If you are using a newer HP inkjet printer, you can specify double sided printer in the print dialogue (use Print... form the File menu) by selecting properties.  It will then start printing and instruct you when and how to turn the paper to get it to print on the opposite side.  If you are using the printer in SVOTS internet room, do the following:  1) From the File menu, select Print...  2) In this dialogue on the lower left-hand side, there is an option called "Print:"  Select "Odd Pages Only."  3) Print.  4) After the printing is done, lift the stack and turn it over from left to right (not top to bottom) and place it in drawer 2.  5) From the File menu, select P rint...  6) Select "Even Pages Only."  7) Print.  8) Go to the library and cut your new cards out with the paper cutter that is setting next to the dumb terminal.  9)  Study, study, study.  10) Pray, pray, pray.

I hope this helps.  However, you should try to parse the text first before using these tools.  Use them instead as a way to check.  Use it as a reference; it will save you time in looking up dictionary forms.  You will learn more from trying it first rather than just reading my work.

Good luck!

Fr. Silouan Rolando

Greek Participles

Greek participles are perhaps the hardest but most crucial item in BL202.  The following two page document is a simplified way to begin to translate participles suitable to those found in Machen's text book.  Keep in mind that participles can be translated in more substantial ways, but that is an advanced lesson which can be built upon from this basic understanding.  Download GREKPART.PDF.


The following zip file contains an Access Database with the full Greek Text with dictionary form and parsing for each word and also ten parallel English translations and the Latin Vulgate translation.  This is a tool to help translate the text word by word and produce flash cards.  To use these tools, you need a program to decompress zipped files (WinZip, PKUnzip, etc.), MS Access 2000, Word 2000, and Adobe Acrobat.  If you are using a Mac, you may not be able to use these items (depends on whether you can install the fonts, etc.).  Instructions for using these items are in the document called "USING NT381.doc," which can be found in the zipped file. Download

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